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Welcome to Passion on Paper BookClub! My love of books led to this online club of romance novel readers. My passion for romance novels helped to create something special out of the expansive genre I love. Now that you're here at the Club, consider membership and join the reading list. As we grow, we’ll include video reviews for members only and live online book chats.

Every post PoP members can expect an honest and friendly adult discussion about the posted review. PoP is here to detail good books whose writers endeavor to lead us where we want our fictional romance to go. So, even if the book isn’t for you, we want an honest discussion about the characters and the journey. If it is for you, let’s discuss the Passion on Paper, which has led to this unique rating system:

The Side Eye - Too much of the story has questions unanswered or it lacks what it takes to be truly romantic;

The O Face - Through each chapter, the story continues to surprise and sizzle and it's my O my;

Seat Wiggle - The way they get together makes me rock in my chair and the writing packs a passionate punch;

Hand Fan - Is it hot in here? Did I read this correctly? Some chapters can cause a hand fanning reflex - WOW!

Drool-Worthy - How lucky is this love affair? VERY! Don’t read this in public - may cause swooning;

Sploosh - Okay, the story is great but watch out - because the writing is damn hott!

I'm excited to share each book review and I hope you’ll join in. Come and discuss this little explored, but vastly intimate genre. I can tell you’re already dying to share about the pages and pages of passion out there. So, let's do it!

Romance has a ranging sub-genre of book selections we'll explore including thrillers, bi-racial, menage, shifter, assassins, mercenaries, vampires Motorcycle clubs, Billionaires, aliens and the paranormal. Let's explore Pages of Passion.


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